Oil Well Testing Handbook By Amanat U. Chaudhry

This is a valuable addition to any reservoir engineer's library, containing the basics of well testing methods as well as all of the latest developments in the field. Not only are "evergreen" subjects, such as layered reservoirs, naturally fractured reservoirs, and wellbore effects, covered in depth, but newer developments, such as well testing for horizontal wells, are covered in full chapters.This handbook provides information on oil well testing, including figures, tables, and references to make the engineer's job easier. Shows how to optimize equipment, cut costs, and enhance oil recovery. Includes index, references, and appendices. 


Product Details
NameOil Well Testing Handbook
Author: Amanat U. Chaudhry
Price: USD 165
Paperback: 525 Pages
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing (Dec 2003)
Language: English
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Pressure Build Up and Flow Tests in Wells by C. Matthews, D. Russell

A time-tested classic, this volume presents a comprehensive study of the creation and analysis of transient pressure responses in wells. Basic principles are reviewed, and the applicability and limitations of the various techniques are critically discussed and illustrated with examples. With its detailed review of literature and extensive bibliography, this book serves as a useful guide and reference to engineers directly engaged in well pressure work. Chapter topics include pressure buildup analysis, determination of average reservoir pressure, multiple-rate flow test analysis, pressure analysis in injection wells, and effect of reservoir heterogeneities on pressure behavior.


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Name: Pressure Build Up and Flow Tests in Wells 
Authors: C. Matthews, D. Russell
Price: From USD 42 to USD 180
Paperback: 163 Pages
Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE Monograph Series Vol.1, 1967)
Language: English
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Well Testing (SPE textbook)

John Lee's book has been recognized as the premier text on pressure transient analysis (PTA) ever since it was published 27 years ago. The fundamentals are timeless and form the basis of modern software programs for PTA. 


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Name: Well Testing (SPE Textbook)
Author: John Lee 
Price: $ 59 (US Dollar)
Paperback: 159 pages
Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineering (December 1982)
Language: English
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